Employer Assessments

talent-managementAt gcentric™, it is not just about assessing your employees. Sometimes the toughest thing you can do is look at your own behavior and realize how you yourself may be affecting  your own business/organization. We want to work with you to help managers be better managers!

When we do an assessment we look at the following criteria:

  • Behavioral Profile Assessments (BPA) measure how someone will behave not why he or she does what he or she does.
  • Behavioral Profile Assessments (BPA) help eliminate poor hires and turnover.
  • Behavioral Profile Assessments (BPA) can be used as an interviewing tool.
  • There is more to hiring than someone’s skill sets.
  • Will the potential employee fit within the culture of your company?
  • Learn how to and how not to communicate with your employees.
  • See what the employee brings “to the table”.
  • Understanding employees wants and needs and making sure they align with those of your company.
  • Behavioral Profile Assessments (BPA) helps managers be better managers.
  • Create a win-win relationship.
  • Profiling can be used for Team Building.

At gcentric™, we want to work with you to help you become as effective a manager as possible. By understanding your own behavior we can help you to become a better manager!

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