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Ken Goldstein

Ken Goldstein

Ken Goldstein is the founder, CEO and Managing Director of The Goldstein Group and gcentric.™  The Goldstein Group was created in 2010 after operating as Goldcorp Ventures Inc. from 1989 -2010.

Ken began his career in the classroom as an elementary school teacher and after a career in teaching, he then turned his people skills and organizational abilities to the business world.

Along the way, Ken has owned and managed a retail business, been a director, general manager, a CEO and COO with responsibilities spanning operations management, corporate communications and branding, event management and promotion, and the human resource management of hundreds of employees.


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His professional passion is all about human resources — people — their recruitment, retention, motivation, compensation & benefits, education and training, management and working environment.

As a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) he works with clients by using Behavioral Profiling for better recruitment and retention.

gcentric.™ has provided its expertise to a variety of industries and professions helping them with people management and organizational needs. These include the medical/dental profession; car dealerships; property management companies; commercial realtors; IT Infrastructure resellers; and assorted others.

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